Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shoo Rain, Shoo.

I'm hoping it doesn't rain today, a friend and I are supposed to be going mini-golfing today, but not if it pours out! So cross your fingers that the rain stays away, and the sun breaks through.

Not much to talk about really, I did okay yesterday with pnts - a little over. But the thing that killed me was the fact that I did zero exercise, but worse than that? I did next to nothing the entire day. I cleaned up my apt, did a bit of laundry, and watched great amounts of TV and movies. Lazy. Because of that, the scale wasn't too pleased with my efforts this morning, and made that perfectly clear.

Hopefully, today I will be on pnts, and maybe even be a little more active - here's hoping.

1 comment:

  1. You did pretty darn fabulous to only have 2 over! Good for you! The fact that it was kiwi that put you over I would feel pretty good about that one!

    xo enjoy your night doll!