Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling the Burn . . .

I was on pnts yesterday, yay!!!! My day was super strange for eating, I had a pile of sugar while I was at work, but kept it light when I got home and even got up, and did some serious WATP's. I'm talking sweaty, burning muscles serious. Anyway, my butt is sore this morning, the muscles are really tight. I'm not sure how to avoid straining my muscles b/c I already do the warm-up, cool-down and stretches. Maybe it's just cause I'm not use to it? Here's hoping.

Does anyone else get charley-horses after they have worked out?

I get them during the night, once I'm relaxed in bed. Hate it.

I still have not managed to try a morning workout, sticking with after work for now. That's when I have the most free time, so I've been forcing myself up off that couch in the hopes of even accomplishing a small 15 minutes.

Erica @ Fashion Meets Food: I agree with you, somehow (suggestions people???) you have to learn to recognize why you do it, and how to avoid the situation, or how to deal with it better. The thing is, I guess I just allow it to happen... I know I shouldn't, I know what's happening.. but in that moment the force driving me to eat is much stronger then the other voices screaming stop!

GoingBlue: I'm a freak. Seriously. Those saltines and peanut butter would be gone in one or two sittings. I already do as you suggested usually - I keep a very minimal amount of food in my apt. (the family pokes fun at me all the time, cause my fridge is almost empty). I generally refuse to keep anything around that I would binge on: Cookies, crackers, spreads (I will resort to eating peanut butter with a spoon), chips, etc. For awhile, I wouldn't even have bread in the house - cause I've been known to binge on that too. I've gotten it all back under control somewhat. It's crazy, I know. Your suggestion about keeping food around that you HAVE to prepare to eat is a good one - I absolutely agree with that, and am practicing it again now that I'm back on the wagon.

= )


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for telling me to add ya- my blog list was SO messed up- so many deserted blogs and it was hard to keep up! :)

    Just read your comment to GOing blue- I can not keep peanut OR almond butter in my house I will lick the whole damn jar clean! I switched to PB2 that I order from Love it! Solved the binge issues with peanut butter! lol

  2. Awesome! Just awesome! "sweaty, burning muscles serious" Now that is a workout! Believe it or not, you will start to crave that feeling. The burning will happen after a strenuous (for that person's body) workout. Stretching usually won't help much. It is just your muscles being torn and re-built. As far as the charley-horses go, they are usually caused by low potassium levels. Try to gobble down a banana every day or take a supplement. That's what my doc said when I had that problem... It worked.
    Oh, and from what I've seen, you have some SERIOUS motivation or you wouldn't be on here every day. Lets keep it up! We can doooo eeeettt!!!