Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Monkey!

It's my Monkey's Birthday today!!! I hope he has a greatly fantastical day.

I'm off on my pnts again, but it's not my fault! (Yes it is, it so is.) The problem is because I went grocery shopping, and now I have super yummy things waiting to be eaten in my fridge. Yummy things that include cookies - Peak Freans ~ Lifestyle Selections. They are so yum - I got two flavours: Blueberry Brown Sugar with Flax and Vanilla Bean Latte - sooooooo good. I can't stop eating the stupid things. And they are a 1pnt each. I was kinda hoping when I bought them that it would be like 3 cookies for one pnt. Clearly, I was wishful thinking, imagining myself with piles of cookies and gobbling them down like the Cookie Monster. Sad, but true. So - if you check out my pnt counts - you can see I had 12 cookies yesterday.. no control. None.

My weigh-in this Tuesday is not going to be pleasant if I keep this up. And still no exercise. Boo.

Is anyone watching So you think you can Dance? I love that freaking show. Every time I watch it the people make me so happy and inspired. It's so wonderful that they love to dance so much, that they are so very passionate about what they do. I wish I had more of that feeling in my life. When they get so happy that they cry on the show, they freaking make me cry! I dunno, it's just so beautiful. The way some of them can dance/move is freakin off the wall crazy. I love it. It's so interesting to watch.


  1. Happy birthday to him!!!

    On my college pizza was: flat out wrap with laughing cow cheese mixed with some dry ranch mix and topped with carrots and cauliflower! You just heat up the wrap I dont cook the cheese or toppings


  2. First of all, I am SO sorry that you're dealing with similar pain and to no avail! I can't imagine having this all the time...although when I think about it, that's actually what I have been having for the past few months - almost every night. At least now it's bearable.

    Secondly, I watched that show for the first time last night and was AMAZED at how much control they have over their bodies. And you can tell that their expression with their bodies comes from within. It was truly inspirational.