Saturday, June 5, 2010


It was bad, I'm not even certain I counted everything right, or if I forgot something during my manic binging. I dunno exactly what went wrong, I feel like I'm ravenous though. I think it's my stress level, there's a lot going on - and my mind is just swirling with stuff lately. It's an excuse, I knew I should have stopped eating.. bad. 14+pnts over count. ~makes a face~ Oops.

I wasn't going to bother posting, because I wasn't entirely sure if the count was even correct.. and lets face it.. who wants to post how poorly they have been doing. But then I thought, what the hell. It's done and over with - it happened, and not posting it doesn't make it NOT true. ~Shrugs~ So there you have it, my very pathetic control over yesterdays eating. This morning hasn't been much better - I'll try to pull back on the reins for the rest of the day.

I hurt myself yesterday, slipped in the tub and jarred my shoulder/arm pretty bad. I'm gobbling down some Advil. Planning on going to the movies with a friend today - Sex and the City 2. Hope it's okay.


  1. We all binge and have regrets, but what's done is done. Today is a new day and a new start. Enjoy your sunday!


  2. Been there, done that x 100000. Sucks, but it is what it is.