Friday, June 25, 2010

Damn the Cookie!

I was doing just fine yesterday, staying perfectly on pnts.

I even exercised, sure it was only for 20 minutes, but it was certainly better than nothing and I broke quite the sweat - Leslie Sansone can be very brutal at times . . .

So, I'm all done for the evening, I even have like 6pnts left, so I think 'Hey, how about a cookie?'. It was all downhill from there, I ate and ate and ate until finally I was able to stop with only 5 cookies left in the box. I told Monkey what I had done, and he simply asked "why do you do that to yourself.." work so hard, and then eat like a maniac.

Answer: No freaking idea, really.

Grr. I really need to figure out the reason for this pattern, otherwise, how am I gunna stop it?


  1. I so relate. I can do great all day long. Eat perfect be on target and everything. Then eight o clock comes and I want this and that and everything in between. As a result I ruin myself for the entire day. Eat a billion points and calories. Cry about it and make everything worse. People say to just avoid it, but I dont think it's avoidable I think you have to train yourself to not do it somehow and i have no idea how.

    xo enjoy your weekend.

  2. I feel where you're coming from. What I had to end up doing is not to buy anything that will make me come back for more (cookies, chips, candy, etc). I usually buy only things that I will have to prepare. Second, I keep a pack of saltines around. If I get that sugar or binge craving, I'll lather up a few saltines with fat free peanut butter and I'm happy as a kid in a candy store. I dunno... it's worth a shot! :-)