Sunday, June 6, 2010

This isn't what I wanted to see...

So, my friend and I went to the theater yesterday to see Sex and the City 2. My friend had free movie vouchers, for the cinema we normally don't go to, but free is great, and she was wicked and gave me one - free movie!

We arrived too early, and they were still cleaning it from the previous movie, so we had to wait. There were little tables set up off to the side, so we sat there and read the magazines they provide. Eventually, one of the peeps who worked there stopped at our table and was like: "Are you here to see a movie?" (I thought this went without saying... ) So we tell her we're here to see Sex and the City 2. She's like: "Oh, are you guys over 18yrs?" I swear, the look on my face must have been priceless - I just stared at her, and then my friend and replied. "Are you being serious?" She was, she was being serious and was like "I have to make sure..." Really? I'm almost 30. Anyway, it was truly bizarre.

So, we get up and walk over to the theaters, we see the cinema #3 sign, but no real sign for cinema #2, but there is a door. So I'm like - is this our cinema? And my friend is like "looks like it." So in we go, sit down and wait for our movie to start. As we're sitting there, we're noticing some people entering who don't really appear to be 18yrs old.. were they not asked?? Either way, we continue to wait, and wait. And finally the movie starts up and we're having a pretty bad feeling about it.

To cut a very long story short, Katherine Heigl showed up on our screen.... we were in the wrong cinema, watching Killers. Anyway, it was too late by the time we realized, so we decided to just watch the movie - it sucked. Not hardcore or anything, but it's not something I would recommend someone go and see.

... at least we didn't pay for our tickets?


  1. Oh nooo. I hope you get to see the right movie... Yeah that Killer movie looked a tad stupid on the trailors.. :)

  2. Just found your blog - really like it! Can't wait to read more :)