Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st Day Back, Doin' Okay

Yesterday's pnt countin' was okay, I stayed on track, and even got in some exercise. I'm not gunna lie, it's been awhile since I did Walk Away the Pounds - and it felt a little similar to torture last night. The last few minutes I was dragging myself through the moves. In the evenings I've been considering putting in a quick workout in the mornings, before my shower, to boost myself for the day. But I'm finding it very difficult to even think of doing it in the morning, when I'm actually in the moment.

Do you working peeps exercise in the morning, or evening?


  1. Welcome back! I don`t have a job, and have to workout in the morning or I won`t work out at all. Even when I had a job I would get up at 5 am to workout because I just dont do well at night.


  2. I would love to workout in the mornings, but I start work at 6:30 and getting up before 5:00 isn't an option for me. Typically if I don't workout right after I get home from work, I won't workout at all.

  3. i kinda don't work out :(, i do sometimes play on the wii and thats in the evenings. i do try to go for a walk at dinenr time but i only get a 45 min lunch break so can't get too far!

    Mushy peas are exactly what they sound like, not sure how you make them, other than opening the tin, putting in a pyrex dish and microwaving for a couple of mins!

    they are nicer than they sound and the only way i will eat peas other than raw!