Friday, May 28, 2010

Yipee - Friday!

Whew, am I ever glad that it's Friday, finally. Work has been very busy, and stressful due to co-worker drama, gotta love it. ~eye roll~ Plus I've been trying to let go of the sad/heavy weight of not having Monkey around this week.. each day the feeling softens a little, but it just never seems to go away. I think what also makes it hard is that everyone at work knows I'm planning the move from Canada to the US, which makes them ask about it every single day. They use it as small talk, in place of the weather, the kind you never really listen to the answers.. you just talk, you know? Little do they know that each time they do it, it's a little like being stabbed with a red hot needle. (I exaggerate, it doesn't feel red hot.. ~winks~)

ANYWAY, I did good again yesterday. On pnts! Yayyayayaya!! Tonight I'm hoping to continue the trend, and then hopefully I can beat down my crazy eating when I go visit my parents this weekend. I need to bring my weight back to normal after the week Monkey and I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted. It was a delicious week. Heh.

Last night I had some more of my Quiche, with a side spinach salad. I put too much dressing on though.. boo. I was actually prepared to put more on, but then I decided to mix it first.. good thing! I guess I should be more careful next time, it was pretty yummy anyway though.

Hope everyone reading is having a fab day, and that it's sunny wherever you are.


  1. About the points on the soup... if you only use 1/2 pound ground beef & omit the pasta, it's 2 points for a 1.5 cup serving! I used a whole pound of ground beef & added pasta, so mine was more like 5 points a serving, roughly.

  2. Man, that quiche STILL looks good. lol. I'm gonna have to make me some!

    So not to stab you with a hot poker like your coworkers do, but where/when are you moving to the US?

  3. Wow that quiche looks absolutely amazing!!! I want some!