Thursday, May 27, 2010

Common Week - End

Still on pnts, doing alright I think. I made some of my homemade quiche last night, which I think turned out great, as usual. It's so simple to make, and so yum. I added spinach, bacon, cheese, onions, carrots and peas into these ones! Each time I've made something different, I don't think I've made the same quiche twice yet. Anyway, had two small slices last night and it tasted fab.

Teale commented on my post from yesterday, and inquired if ever end up feeling hungry after the few things I sometimes eat each day, and I wanted to answer her here. Yes, sometimes I am hungry - but most of those times I think it's mostly in my head. I have tried eating in many different ways over the years: Eating breakfast, not eating breakfast, eating a bunch of small meals, eating only a few, drinking tons of water, etc. etc. This routine I find works best for me.

I tried eating in the mornings, but that seemed to kick my body into a feeding frenzy all day long. I would eat before I left for work, and by the time I arrived, I was ravenous. Instead I now grab myself a coffee on the way to work, and usually eat nothing until noon or 1pm when lunch is. Sometimes there are a few pangs of hunger - but I don't feel out of control. Plus, when I'm busy working I find it so much easier to keep on track with eating.

The second reason I eat the way I do is b/c I find smaller meals just don't do it for me. I believe there are all kinds of eating additions/habits out there. One of mind is the need to feel full. At dinner time, if I can't have a heavy enough meal my cravings kick into overdrive, and all I want is to snack... the entire night.. until I get that heavy weight of fullness in my stomach. I have no idea why I need this, but it has been a "need/want" that I haven't been able to shake.

Know what's funny? As I read this post.. I'm picturing myself as a crazed Piranha. Heh.

Anyway, thanks for the topic Teale!


  1. Sounds like you are doing good.

    Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks for the link love:) I know we all have different techniques that work for us, and if you've found your groove, that's the most important part! I know that as I lose weight & have less points to work with each day, then my small meals thing may have to go out the window! LOL On a sidenote--your quiche looks delicious!!!

  3. Your quiche looks amazing! Yum!
    Keep up it up miss! You're going great:)

  4. You've received an award! Stop by my blog to check it out!

  5. Yum!! You are doing awesome good job :)