Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Showers

Morning everyone, it's early - 7:20am. Bleh. I needed gas for my car (since the little indicator light was already on!!) and I was awake anyway and thought... Tim's line will be empty this early, and so will the pumps. So I dragged myself outta bed, and over to get both. Mmmm... Coffee.

I had a crummy day yesterday, I ended up overeating 8pnts. Which I guess isn't horrible, since what I really wanted to do was order in Chinese Food or something of the like. What's worse is I did NOTHING yesterday. Nothing, literally. The most productive thing I did was vacuum half of my apartment. Lame, I know. I think it was a mixture of my mental state ~winks~ mixed up with the rainy weather.

So, let me ask you lovely blog readers.. I'm having an issue.

I live in a basement apartment, and the couple who rent the upper level of the home have a dog, and she is deaf. Last night, I'm asleep (11:30pm) and suddenly the dog starts barking, non-stop. I can't yell through the walls at her to stop - she can't hear me. No one is home to make her stop (not that that would matter, since they've yet to make her stop when they are). So after five minutes or so, suddenly the garage door opens, and my neighbor arrives home. Whew, I'm thinking. Now I can get back to sleep. So the dog stops, the owner gets ready for bed, and then suddenly the freaking dog starts barking again! And, as I predicted, it doesn't matter if they are home or not... no one stops her. Is this not very rude? Am I crazy? I'd love to say something... but I don't know what, and if I say something, is it just going to be weird between us???


  1. It's not weird to tell other people who are being rude and inconsiderate to stop being rude and inconsiderate. It will be fine ^_^.

  2. Tony, here's what I imagine: I tell her that her dog barking pisses me off. She gets a huffy, and then anytime I'm doing anything - such as listening to music in my apt - she'll suddenly have a problem with it. It sounds very messy. Grrr. Why can't people just NOT be rude?

  3. could ask what set the dog off, maybe then you both could come up with a solution?

  4. oh dear the dog situation isn't good, maybe the neignour doesn't ralise just how loud it sounds in your apartment, maybe borrow a dog or a CD of a dog barking anf leave it on when you are out see how they like it?

    sorry not much help, hope it all works out xx