Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Better Yesterday, too late for Today...

So, even though I tried to fix all the damage I'd done to my pnt countin' last week - I didn't make it all the way back to last weeks weight of: 208lbs.

Instead, today I weighed in at: 209.2lbs.

It's my fault, for going WAY off track. But, as you can see I am back on the wagon, I didn't go over last night, and I did a walk. Which reminds me - I did it!!! I finally walked all the way to the Timmy's that waaay down the road from me. I wasn't sure if it was actually close enough to walk to - but it is, and I did it!!


  1. You may have gained a little back, but keep at it, things will happen.

    And hey used to live in canada- well born and raised there really.

    I really miss a good cup of Tim's double double.

    Just make sure u stay away from the treats there. :o)

  2. That could be water weight too ... sometimes I fluctuate that much from morning to evening!

  3. Good for you for getting back on track! Noone likes to see a gain, but sometimes we need one when we've strayed off plan to remind us what can happen if we don't stick to it! I bet you'll have a loss this week, just keep up the good work!