Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Boo" Me Now, why waste time?

This is going to be a bad post, but I'm irritated today, so there.

I just recently found out about a "issue" that has popped up at the Newmarket OSPCA.

Basically, this is the animal shelter in the town, and from what I have read they have had a horrible outbreak of ringworm through the entire facility. It has infected over 350 animals in the clinic. I don't know how much people actually know about Ringworm, or caring for 350 animals in one building - but I'm guessing it's not very much.

I should probably mention that I love animals, I have in the past been a pet owner, and worked at a vet clinic for 3+ years. I've been around animals pretty much all my life, from person experience, family relatives who farm, work, etc. I'm no stranger to animal life. I also eat meat, and see nothing wrong with that. I have lines which I draw for myself, and lines which I believe should not be passed. But, they are just opinion - I do not claim to know everything.

ANYWAY, back on topic.

I noticed this group going around on FB, talking about stopping the slaughter of the animals. I thought I would share a few posts from people who have joined this group:

"I found 20 ants in my house today and I put them all outside how can you kill Cats n Dogs for Athelits foot? Take me kill me instaead."

"I honked as I drove by. I did my part! I live just up the street, I was wondering what all the activity was"

they will have less funding now to re-open with so many peope stopping donating to them if they continue euthanizing the animals. it's more cost-effective to save the animals in the long run because people will still donate and be more aware"

I wonder if they have pets? If so, I hope they get ringworm, so they can kill them too!

Okay... I am NOT saying that the only choice was to destroy all of these animals. I am certain that a lot of thought went into solutions for this problem. I just do not believe that these people have any clue as to the man power, the funds, the ongoing problems, etc. etc. that would result from a disease outbreak like this. 350 Animals!!!!

I did not see any posts about people donating/fund-raising money to help avoid this problem, I did not see anyone saying "I will adopt an animal with Ringworm!!" and I did not see anyone talking about volunteering their time for the next 3 - 8 weeks to bathe animals with Ringworm - when THEY can catch it, and pass it along as well. Where are all those people? Cause the
Newmarket OSPCA would need a huge increase in staff to look after that problem.

Don't tell someone else to find a solution, when you're just going to stand there and say "I am against this, I have no better solution, but I am against this solution." Tell me what YOU'RE gunna do, if you have a fuckin problem with what's happening.

Treatment in pets

1) Because of longer hair shafts in pets, the area of infection and possibly all longer hair of the pet must be clipped to decrease the load of fungal spores clinging to the pet's hair. However, close shaving is usually not done because nicking the skin facilitates further skin infection.

2) Twice-weekly bathing of the pet with diluted lime sulfur dip solution is effective at eradicating fungal spores. This must continue for 3 to 8 weeks.

3) Washing of all hard surfaces with 1:10 household hypochlorite bleach solution is effective in killing spores.

4) Pet hair must be rigorously removed from all surfaces, and then the vacuum cleaner bag (and often the vacuum cleaner itself) discarded when this has been done repeatedly. Removal of all hair is important since spores may survive 12 months or even as long as two years on hair clinging to surfaces.

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  1. I know, it's a terrible situation; been all over the news.