Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday at last!

I'm super glad it's FRIDAY! Finally, I could really use two entire days away from the job. I'm actually home this weekend, and was ready to spend it relaxing, doing some cleaning, exercising, etc. Most of all though, I was looking forward to getting outside. It sucks when you sit at your desk all day long through the week, and you can see the sun shinning, but can't get out to enjoy it. Now though, my little weather update on Google is telling me rain, rain, and thunderstorms for BOTH Saturday and Sunday. Suckage. ~pouts~

On a better note, I did great again yesterday - even with eating at McDonalds! I managed to get outside again for a walk, took a different route than the night before and thought for sure I added on like 15 minutes to my time... yeah.. I walked too fast it seems. I did the extra part in pretty much exactly how much time it took me the day before.

I have pretty high hopes about this Tuesday's weigh-in. Here's hoping I don't smuck it up this weekend with poor eating. I sometimes tend to do that over the weekends... but staying home sometimes helps, due to the fact that I almost have no food in my place at any given time. ~winks~ Don't believe me? Just ask the family. They comment, regularly, on how empty my fridge is.

I was thinking of trying something new that I saw on a blog I was visiting: Everyday Foodie posted pictures of Coconut Crusted French Toast. Tell me that doesn't sound super yum. I will be trying to alter it a little bit. I don't have any Stevia in the house, so I will just leave this out entirely. I even might try using WW Bread, in place of the french..... but the french does sound much yummier.. which of course would equal a whole slew of points. If I do decide to make it, I'll post some pictures for you all. Thanks for the great idea Jolene!!

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