Thursday, June 10, 2010

People are s-m-r-t

The Bad:
You're drinking and driving.

Worse: You're drinking WHILE driving.

You're out driving, drinking, and the cops pull you over. You think that tossing the half full bottle out the window will prevent you from getting a ticket . . .

. . . true story.


  1. Argh this stuff upsets me, when I was 16 my BFF was killed by a drunk AND high driver... yeah lovely! It killed her mom as well and put her brother in a vegetable state. I cant stand people who do this.

    xo enjoy your weekend doll

  2. Oh my gosh - crazy!!!

    In regard to your comment about the cake pops - yes they are very time consuming, but it is also super hard to get the balls perfectly round, and the coating smooth. Mine aren't too pretty! I finished them last night, and they are kind of wonky ... but still cute!

  3. Even worse... Dude throws out his empty beer can which hits the windshield of my patrol car. Bad day for Mr. Drunky!