Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doin' Good - So far.

My pnts are doing pretty good since the weekend, I'm keeping pretty much on track with everything, and feeling good about it. Got another 1 Mile - Walk Away the Pounds in last night. It's only a 15 minute workout, but I'm telling myself that it's way better then doing nothing at all. Plus, when I say it's only 15 minutes, it's 15 minutes of good working out, sweat and all.

Erica, over at Fashion Meets Food: I was pretty excited that Rachael & Finn got together - although I thought it was a bit strange that Rachael stayed to watch her ex's performance. He is pretty cute, but he's so sweet... like, boyishly sweet that you could kinda drop kick. I think I like what's his name better - the bad boy. Okay, the part about Rachael's Mom adopting the baby - I was like WHA?!? I was very confused by that ending, and since when could you just walk into a hospital and shop babies? Or do you think it was preplanned? Cause it didn't sound it.

Blossom, over at I'm Blossoming: John Stamos?? Really? Wow. Yeah, I figured they wouldn't just get them completely back together right away - she did kinda pull away during the kiss. You're right though, they didn't offically get back together. I guess what I meant to say was that they stopped lying to eachother (or Will did at least) and admitted that he still wanted a relationship.

I LOVE Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester. I think she is doing an amazing job, and makes me laugh every freakin episode. She was just as funny on Two and a Half Men, playing a very similar character. I am not a fan of Will's curly hair, and think it's just hilarious that Sue points it out constantly and harasses him about it.

How do you all feel about this character?


  1. Good job with the exercise+point are doing great :)

  2. Love Jane Lynch...the show wouldn't be nearly as good without her!

  3. Thanks Jocelyn!

    Blossom> Totally true.

  4. It didn`t sound like it was preplanned, and more like she just went baby shopping.