Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spending Time Together

Sorry for the lack of posting, etc. It'll probably be that way until next Tuesday when Monkey flys home though. (Suckage) Anyway, haven't done too much to write about, more Geocaching, lots of visiting with family - great time. We played games, ate good food, chatted, etc. It was nice to be able to spend some relaxed time with everyone.

My weight is doing poorly, it always does when I'm away from home, or eating out a fair bit. Which also probably wont stop until the visit is over. Anyway, we have plans for MORE visiting with my Aunt and Mom for lunch today - plus we might stop to see some work friends of mine. So I need to get my ass into the shower and get ready.

Hope you are all enjoying the better weather that has finally decided to arrive!!


  1. Hey, I wanted to follow up about your comment regarding letterboxes! They are actually found all over the world! Here is a link to some Canada clues!

  2. You will be able to find chia seeds in any health food store, and probably whole foods as well!!