Saturday, May 15, 2010


Monkey and I spent most of yesterday shopping and Geocaching - so I thought we could share some photos with all of you! We were very successful and found 4/4 caches we hunted for. If you've never heard of Geocaching - you should definitely check it out. It's fun, interesting and you get to exercise with all the hiking/walking, etc. Pretty much, it's treasure hunting with a GPS. The treasure are containers left behind by people, hidden with log books, trinkets, etc. They can be found all over the world, you'd probably be surprised to find them in your own area.

The pictures I've attached are one of myself, standing beside the spot where we found our last cache. One of My Monkey, all smiles. One of the trails we followed - the weather was perfect for a day outside. It was warm and sunny - almost too warm, but the heavy breeze helped up to stay cool. Lastly is a picture of the wildlife we encountered.. it was a little touch and go for awhile, we were afraid we had been spotted.. (yes I am this dorky...) Actually, the dinosaurs are two of the little toys we traded in two of the caches we found. I collect them all and take pictures to keep track of my finds before I trade again.

Eating has been... alright? Not really, I lie. But I will say this much, we went out for lunch and for the first time in an extrememly long time (maybe ever) I didn't finish what I ordered, I only ate about half. We even went for ice-cream last night, and the cone was HUGE - again, didn't finish it. I think that's pretty good. A large part of my problem with eating stems from over eating, and needing that feeling of being overstuffed. I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to stop, and without much effort.

Anyway, that's all I got. I need to go get ready for the day as Monkey is waiting, and we have plans to visit with my family today. I've been trying to read all your blogs, hopefully I'll find some time to post in the near future!


  1. Have you ever heard of letterboxing? It's similar to geocaching in that it's a treasure-hunt of sorts, but you don't use GPS, you use clues that are found online on the letterboxing website! I've found a couple caches on accident while looking for LBs before, but it never quite appealed to me, the little trinkets. Letterboxes contain a logbook & a rubber stamp, and you stamp the box's stamp in your personal logbook & stamp your personal stamp in the box's logbook. I have a whole book full of beautiful stamps now, I love it! And you're right, it's a great exercise with all the hiking!

  2. Love it! In college one of my roomies and I would go geocaching constantly. Too much fun!!


  3. Hey there...
    NEAT!!! What is bringing you to the south?

  4. Geocaching sounds so cool - I would love to try it sometime!!