Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy's Happy Day!!

((+40 Pnts Yesterday Alone!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Horrible. Way more horrible than I thought, and I'm just trying to recall what I all ate.. I hope that it's not worse than that even.. geeze.. pnts build up fast when you aren't counting correctly.))

I hope that all those Mom's out there are having a great day. I hope they are surrounded with the family or friends who love them, and cannot imagine a world without them. I hope that they know how appreciated all of the time, caring and efforts are.

Food yesterday was HORRIBLE. I have no idea how to even count it. Good luck to me.
This morning I'm okay so far, I just need to hold it together until tonight. How many more hours is that? 12ish? Gah...

If I do okay today and tomorrow, that might off set enough for the Tuesday weigh-in... maybe... give me strength!!!!


  1. Hang in there, you can do it......

  2. It can be done! One day does not make a bad week!

  3. Never forget that it's just one day. You have to get back on the wagon and not look bad on your "oops" day!