Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Weekend . . .

Hey All, just dropping in to quickly leave some photos.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I just haven't been feeling the whole Blogging thing lately. I am still checking out your blogs though, and posting where I can!


  1. LOVE the pics! Especially the bubble cool!

  2. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Is this what you do for a living? If not, you should totally look into that because these are beautiful. Like, frame-worthy. Like lotsa money for you and monkey worthy.

    In other news, no, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the bed. I thought that the Theraputic ones were supposed to be the best ones so I don't know. When I was at my old place and slept on this bed routinely, I had less problems than here, but probably twice a month I'd still have back pain. I'm hoping that with the bed AND the stretches, etc. it will go down even further...

    I wasn't wowed by the bed. But after last night's sleep, I guess I'm re-thinking the whole bed thing.

    There are issues with the bed that are unique to sleeping on a glorified air mattress though. Like when you want to...ahem..."spoon", it can be a bit weird. And you sink into it if you just sit on it - like a waterbed.

    Email me if you want to know more - I'm happy to share the good and the bad. happyfunpants (at) gmail (dot) com.