Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm late making my post, ended up chatting with Monkey on the phone this morning and it ate up most of my "free" time. So, I couldn't post until I got home. (Granted, I had lots of time to do posting from work, I just don't like to log onto Blogger there... just in case, ya know?)

Anyway, yesterday was great, I made Sweet Potato Burritos. They were delicious, except I really need to measure my spices properly (oh, and labelling them correctly would have helped). Then, when I was doing just fine with pnts - I screwed the pooch. I ate TEN (count em') TEN cookies, the entire rest of the box. I couldn't help it. Or rather, I could have.. but didn't.. and kept eating.

I've also gotten into the horrible habit of eating hot dog buns. They are so soft and doughy, I can't seem to stop myself! I'm sick. Help. Grrrrr.

I'm still on track so far today, we'll see what happens between now (6:30pm) and bed. I need to tap into some serious self control. Anyone have some to spare?

Whitney, at Getting Healthy: I have seen P.S. I Love You, and cried through the entire thing. I was a messy sopping mess by the end, it was much better then I had expected.

Erica, at Fashion Meets Food: Thanks Sugar! I'm trying.... and trying.

Happy Fun Pants, at Smaller Fun Pants: ...absolutely wonderful, Yes.

Krista, at Running Through Life: "Your heart feels like it compresses all of a sudden then almost explodes in your chest." Couldn't put it any better myself.

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