Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feels good to be On Track!

I'm back on track! Yay! My weight last week (after the vacation/visit) was way high - 213lbs. Stepped on the scale and I'm down to: 210.2lbs this week - WHEW! I feel better. I worked hard during the week to stay on pnts, and it seems that it worked - even with my mess ups this past weekend. I'm going to work at keeping on-top of my pnts this week as well, hoping to see under 210 next week.

Anyway, not much is new here. Same old, same old. I need to take my car in to get fixed - again. The entire steering wheel shakes when I brake, it's bad, like.. hard to hold onto the wheel sometimes. Heh. I'm bad for not taking it in sooner - but I just HAD it in and the car cost me $$. I hate spending so much all at once.

Looks like rain for the next few days here - which is fine since we were spoiled for almost two weeks with bright, sunny, warm weather. I'm sure the plants/crops, etc could use some good days of raining. Okay, now I've slipped into super boring - I'm gunna stop talking now!

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