Thursday, May 13, 2010


Monkey is arriving today around 4ish!! ~bounces~ I'm so excited, I actually ended up waking up an 1hr earlier this morning. I think every time he visits that happens.. I'm surprised I fell asleep so easily last night, musta been tired.

Yesterday wasn't bad, no exercise though. I've been waking up starving every morning too, which makes the mornings difficult since I hate eating breakfast. (I'm a pnt hoarder, I like larger meals so I keep most until dinner time if I can...)

I'm going to be honest, while Monkey is here visiting I have NO idea if I'll be able to post regularly, or even keep proper track of pnts. I'm hoping I keep it somewhat under control.. (so it's not a good sign I'm already imagining all the dinners out and delicious food I'd like to eat...) but we'll see how it goes. I'm not going to be too hard on myself, it's my vacation, and I haven't seen Monkey in a VERY (I'd like to really put emphasis on that word) long time.

One last thing, I think I got free glasses yesterday!! I'll let you peeps know once I for sure have them in my hot little hands. It was some free give-away online yesterday for the first 500 people. Me and the girls at work all signed on and ordered ourselves a pair... who the frig knows if it's true.. I guess if it doesn't work out and they somehow re-nig on their offer I'll have to return them. Honestly, I've never purchased prescription glasses online before - so they may look completely horrible on me... but they were free... so I thought, meh!


  1. Have fun with your man! So exciting!:)
    As for keeping on track with him there, try to make it fun. Go for a nice walk together, make a plan to make something (somewhat) healthy together?
    Yay to today!:)

  2. I love free awesome!!!! Congrats on getting glasses :)