Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Regular

Monkey went home yesterday, and it sucked - hardcore.
I'm going to attempt to get back on track as of today, so you should see a pnt counter tomorrow. I'm pretty miserable right now, missing him like mad. My place feels very empty and quiet, dull. Hopefully our paperwork will not take too much longer, I hate the leaving part of every visit.


  1. Sorry he had to go:( Leaving is never fun, but it looks like you had a fun visit! I know you'll get back on track this week though, looking forward to your posts!

  2. Sorry to hear you're so sad lady... :( I know the feeling. It's so hard to see them go.
    Good luck this week with getting back on track! You'll do awesome :)

  3. Hey there!

    I didn't have a way to email you from your comment on my post - so I hope you don't mind that I do it here.

    I'm so glad that you thoughtfully read my post. It takes a lot of courage for someone to reply to my post and hold up a mirror to myself and ask what is really going on.

    As I was writing my post, I was acutely aware that my reaction was a bit disproportionate to what was going on. I mean, I don't know Daris from a hole in the ground - why am I so emotionally wrapped up in what is happening to him? It's not like me.

    So I thought and thought. And I realized that it's because I see so much of myself in him, or rather in the "him" that I projected him to be last week.

    I realize that my desire to protect him was so strong - when really it's that I want to protect me.

    Crap. I'm sure I'm not explaining this right.

    Basically, I am confident that you are onto something...and in the last few paragraphs of that post, I realized it for myself too.

    I usually don't have an unhealthy attachment to people I don't know. So when I did with him, I realized it is triggering something inside of me about me. And that? That's what I want to handle/take care of. :)

    Thanks again.